Newman Catholic Fellowship

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The Newman Catholic Fellowship is a group for undergraduate students aged 25 and under at NYU and neighboring universities. The group meets every Thursday (7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.) for dinner and fellowship, and additional service and spiritual opportunities are available on a regular basis.

Have questions about the Catholic faith? The Bible? The Church’s teachings? Do you want to know more about the Virgin Mary, salvation, or Jesus Himself?

Drop by for study or some friendly conversation. Delicious dinners are shared at each meeting, and all are welcome. Although the club presents the Catholic voice on campus, our members come from various religious traditions and backgrounds. We strive to strengthen each other in our growth with Christ, and to encourage each other as we try to fulfill the purpose which Christ entrusted to His Church: to be the light of the world. The Newman Catholic Fellowship also gives back to the community through outreach and service projects.

Established in 1894, it is the oldest undergraduate Catholic social organization on campus.

The 2018-2019 Executive Board

Lyn Brumaire, President | Class of 2019 – CAS Neural Science and Religious Studies Major |

I am a first generation Haitian American from Pennsylvania, but New York is the place I truly call home. My time here in NYC has been wonderful. I have learned so much about myself including my love for brunch, coffee, and tiny restaurants. However, my most treasured memories have been made at the Catholic Center at NYU. The center has been a new home for me amidst all the chaos of New York City. It has allowed me to cultivate a deep devotion to the my Catholic faith through the instruction of the chaplain, along with all the fellowship and friendships that I have found here. I cannot wait to share all that this place has to offer.


 Carlos Camacho Ibanez, Vice President | Class of 2020 – Steinhart Nutrition, Pre-Physical Therapy 

I was born in Bogota, Colombia where I lived until I was seven years old before my family and I moved to Florida. I was raised to have a strong devotion to my faith that only strengthened as I spent more time at the Catholic Center. Being at NYU is a blessing filled with innumerable experiences and and a truly diverse population. Having the Catholic Center has not only helped me learn more and more about my faith, but it has also provided me with a sanctuary to help alleviate all the stresses that college seems to bring.


Amelia Annen | Class of 2021 – Tisch, Drama and English | 

As a Sophomore double majoring in Drama and English, I feel so blessed to call New York City and the Catholic Center my home. Originally from California I have decided to cross the country in hopes that I will discover new and wonderful things about the world. The Catholic Center has been a place where I have grown in faith, found life long friends, and began to fully understand the power of God’s Love.




Lesley Ongyaco, Treasurer | Class of 2021 – Steinhardt School of Media, Culture, and Communication |

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but I was lucky enough to have found a home in the Catholic Center at NYU and share a family with the community it has shown me. I am currently a sophomore in NYU’s Communication Sciences and Disorders program, and my first year at NYU has shown me my new favorite hobby: finding nice places to eat with even nicer people. The Catholic Center provides incredible opportunities for both fellowship and friendship, and I am beyond excited to share this with everyone.

Nancy Fabrizi | Class of 2019 – CAS- English (Creative writing track) |

I grew up on Long Island. However, I moved to Nashville right out of high school for music. I spent three years there before coming to NYU. Music has always been a huge part of my life and its through music in which I feel God’s presence the most. I can’t wait to meet y’all and share in the spirit together!